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How audit confirmations work


Our solution ensures that all parties are validated so requests are sent to the correct recipient. This eliminates clients intercepting confirmations and modifying information and our technology ensures auditors maintain control of the confirmation process.

Digital Client Authorization

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Whether you're a new firm or a new user of a registered firm, creating a account is easy and takes a few minutes to complete.

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Follow this 5 step process:

1.    Create your client profile

2.    Select responding parties and add your requests

3.    Obtain client authorisation

4.    Initiate your confirmations and await response

5.    Download the completed confirmations

Learn how to send confirmations electronically to a In-Network responder.

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There are no license or sign up fees for using; auditors only pay for confirmations they send. By default, users will be required to pay at the point of initiating a request to a responder. We offer two credit card payment methods:

Individual Credit Card

Charges are made to the individual user.

Office Credit Card

Firms can link a central credit  or debit card to one or more offices.

You can use to send confirmations to any responder.  To view a list of validated responders (banks, AR/AP departments, and law firms) using, log in or sign up for an account and run the 'In-Network Responders' report. You can access this report from the 'Reports' tab or from the Dashboard in the 'Reports' section by clicking the 'List Available In-Network Responders'.

To see a list of UK banks using the service, visit the BBA website. complies with international, national, and local audit standards. Learn more about how our service complies with each of the governing bodies.

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One platform for all your audit confirmations

Auditors send millions of requests worldwide to their clients' banks, law firms and suppliers. Online confirmations make this process simple.

  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients against fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Access our server from anywhere
  • Protect your clients agains fraud
  • Receive fast turnarounds on confirmations
  • Confirmation types
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